Chimney inspections are important part of fireplace ownership. In fact, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), by simply scheduling a chimney inspection before every burning season, you can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing chimney fires and other hazards significantly. However, far too many neglect this maintenance, assuming that since their system worked fine last year, it’ll work fine this year too.

This mindset is a dangerous one and can invite issues like: ✓ chimney fires ✓ expensive repairs ✓ long-lasting rebuilds ✓ gas or carbon monoxide leaks ✓ smoke back-up ✓ big dents in your bank account

At Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweep LLC, we are dedicated to keeping homeowners in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas free from chimney-related hazards, such as fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and flue gas byproducts. Book now to save yourself stress, time, and money come fall.

1. Scheduling Convenience

Early Chimney Inspection - Cincinnati OH - Mid Valley chimneyTake it from us – chimney sweeps are far busier in fall than in any other season. During this time, people are likely to use their chimneys more often because cooler weather is starting to make an appearance. And who doesn’t love the classic, nostalgic ambiance of fire burning as leaves begin to fall? But that means making sure your system is ready for use, which means our books fill up fast.

Since you will be competing with other homeowners to get your chimney serviced, there is no assurance that you will get your inspection completed as soon as you need it. You’re bound to face delays and scheduling conflicts, and if further services are needed, it’ll be back to the schedule books.

Consider getting this simple task out of the way now with fall still weeks away, and while no one else is thinking about it. Once all is said and done, you won’t have to worry about fighting for an appointment slot. On that first cold day, you’ll simply light a fire and enjoy… while your friends and neighbors are scrambling to find care.

2. No Delays Come Burning Season

Early chimney inspections allow inspectors to assess your chimney without pressure. If we determine that your chimney system needs adjustments or repairs, we can promptly address them, rather than schedule maintenance far down the road when our books open up again. As stated above, scheduling services can be difficult to book during the colder months. If you scheduled an inspection during fall, and it turns out that you need further assistance, you could end up waiting weeks for the next free slot.

If you scheduled an inspection during fall, and it turns out that you need further assistance, you could end up waiting weeks for the next free slot.

Avoid delays by scheduling inspections early. Even if our chimney inspectors discover that your chimney requires additional services, we are likely to have an available service date in the near future, ensuring you’ll still be up and running by fall.

3. Peace of Mind

Since you had the foresight to schedule your inspections early and determine any chimney needs ahead of time, you can confidently use your chimney with ease throughout your entire burning season. As you light fires for your home, you’ll know your chimney will function correctly, efficiently, and safely.

This peace of mind is priceless, considering how a malfunctioning chimney poses several risks to your home, like chimney fires, carbon monoxide leaks, smoke back-up, and more. We have the proper equipment and skills to effectively get your chimney back to its original, functional state. With our help, you can go about your chilly days without worrying that your chimney will malfunction later on.

4. Easier & Longer-Lasting Repairs

Early Chimney Inspection - Cincinnati OH - Mid Valley winterMasonry repairs are easier to perform in warmer weather. If you wait til winter and we end up facing long periods of severe cold and ice (which isn’t out of the norm here in Cincinnati), you may find yourself needing to put necessary services off. Take advantage of the warmth of summer and get the job done and out of the way now.

We also advise having waterproofing done during these months for longer-lasting and higher-quality results. Once your chimney repairs cure completely and we conduct the necessary waterproofing services, you can be sure that your repair will last longer than anything done in the freezing winter months.

The perfect job requires the perfect conditions. Don’t wait – let us take a look at your chimney today.

5. Avoiding Further Damage

As the common saying goes, “Prevention is better than the cure.” The longer you let chimney repairs go unaddressed, the worse and more costly they will get in the long run. And if you can put components in place to prevent damages from occurring altogether, even better!

The longer you let chimney repairs go unaddressed, the worse and more costly they will get in the long run.

By scheduling your chimney inspections early, we can help you avoid damage by correcting any problems we discover straight away. For instance, we can replace a faulty chimney cap long before water gets access to your liner and you wind up needing an entire relining job. And since early inspections allow us to work on your chimney in optimal weather conditions, we can address repairs faster too.

Schedule Your Annual Chimney Inspection Today

Getting an early chimney inspection ensures that your chimney is ready to go and safer for use when it matters the most. Our professionally trained and certified chimney sweeps would be happy to assess your chimney’s condition and deliver any necessary services, so you can kick off your burning season with ease.

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