Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweep LLC Helps Indian Hill Homeowners Combat the Freeze/Thaw Process

If you live in Indian Hill, South Clippinger, Madeira, Allandale, Country Club Acres, Kenwood Hills, Gravelotte, Kenwood, East Madisonville, Marewood Acres, Terrace Park, Holiday Acres, or anywhere else in our service area, you know how cold our winters can get. Protect your chimney from the freeze/thaw process by working with us!

The freeze/thaw process goes something like this: Your porous bricks soak in moisture. Temps drop below freezing. The water and moisture inside the bricks freezes and expands. Your bricks experience a lot of pressure and crack. Temps rise. The ice melts and more water enters into the newly formed gaps and crevices. Temps drop below freezing again. And thus the cycle continues…

Needless to say, this is something to avoid, but safeguarding your chimney from water isn’t so easy (since it’s located outside of the home). …or is it?

How Can Mid-Valley Chimney Help?

So, how do our trained and certified experts help homeowners throughout Montgomery County combat the vicious freeze/thaw cycle? Here’s what we can do:

  1. Administer necessary repairs. First things first, we’ll need to do an inspection, then address any damage the freeze/thaw process has already caused. This likely means replacing damaged (or missing) bricks, performing tuckpointing services, and possibly rebuilding your chimney crown.
  2. Install replacement parts, as needed. If your brickwork is suffering, there’s a good chance your chimney cap, flashing, or maybe even your damper needs some care, too. We can repair or replace any chimney components that are showing signs of damage or decay.
  3. Apply waterproofing products. In terms of preventing the freeze/thaw process from recurring down the line, waterproofing is a must. These products are what will prevent your bricks from absorbing any more moisture, while also allowing any pre-absorbed water to eventually escape.

Ready to invest in care from the chimney crew that’s trusted on Indian Hill Road, Miami Road, Drake Road, Shawnee Run Road, Kugler Mill Road, Shawnee Run Road, Galbraith Road, Blome Road, Loveland Madeira Road, Hopewell Road, Graves oad, Sugarun Lane, Brill Road, Brillwood Lane, Cunningham Road, Camargo Road, Given Road, Buckingham Road, Whitegate Lane, Spooky Hollow Road, Pipewell Lane, and countless roads in between? Give our experts a call today.

Your Safety Is Our Biggest Concern

No matter what type of damage or issue you’re facing, we’re determined to help. We can keep your home in Glenwood, Milford, Raiders Run, Plainville, Avoca Park, Mason, West Chester, Montgomery, or anywhere else in the surrounding towns and cities safer and more comfortable with every passing year.

Would you like an estimate? No problem. Simply reach out online or call us at 513-727-0994 today.


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