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Our tuckpointing services ensure chimneys in Loveland, Epworth Heights, Loveland Park, Branch Hill, Symmes, Butterworth, Landen, Miami Grove, Sundale, Murdock, Mason, West Chester, Montgomery, Indian Hill, Milford, and more stay looking better and standing stronger for the long haul.

We offer a lot in terms of chimney repairs, and one service most will need from time to time is tuckpointing. That said, when we refer to it, most come to us wondering what exactly this service entails. Well, we’re happy to give you a full rundown, as well as answer any questions you come across along the way.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing actually dates back to England in the 18th century. Back then, masons would tuck mortar into broken down mortar joints, giving the chimney a fresh, new look without the owner needing to spend a fortune in the process.

Nowadays, we still embrace these ancient techniques, only with the help of modern tools, knowledge, and technology. Essentially, we’ll remove any damaged or flaking mortar throughout your system, then replace it with new mortar that matches the makeup of the old. The end result is neat, clean lines that blend in seamlessly with the ones that are still in place.

What happens if tuckpointing isn’t completed promptly by a professional? Well, your chimney will only continue to suffer. If the deterioration in your mortar joints isn’t stopped and repaired, more will occur and spread throughout your entire system. Eventually, your bricks will begin to wear down, too, which could lead to a settlement, tilt, or even a collapse.

To sum up, this is one job you’ll want to get done early, not only for aesthetics, but for structural soundness and peace of mind as well.

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As we mentioned above, tuckpointing is sure to help you avoid a long list of other issues. But the same goes for various other parts of your chimney, too! In fact, all components should be in tip-top shape and regularly maintained in order for the entire system to work correctly and cohesively.

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