Seeking a New Fireplace Insert for Your Troy Home? Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweep LLC Can Help

Many of our customers throughout Troy, Eldean, Diltz Corners, Casstown, Grayson, Farrington, Babbtown, Tipp City, Kessler, Jimtown, Pleasant Hill, Mason, West Chester, Montgomery, Milford, Oxford, and more are making the switch to fireplace inserts. If you’re interested in this upgrade, we’d be happy to assist you.

Interested in a new heating appliance for your home? Maybe yours is outdated, or maybe you want a different fuel type? Or it could be that you’re just ready for a change. No matter your situation, we’re here to help with our many stove, insert, and fireplace options.

Not sure which appliance is best for you? Well, fireplace inserts are always a popular and easy way to improve your space. Read about their many benefits below.

Why Fireplace Inserts?

Why are fireplace inserts such a popular option for homeowners throughout Montgomery County?

  • They’re known for their efficiency. If you’re looking to get more heat from your fireplace, switching to an insert is one way to do it. Essentially, the insert more effectively traps the heat, so that it stays in your home, rather than escapes up the chimney.
  • It’s an easy way to switch fuels. Sick of the maintenance involved with wood? Invest in a gas insert to easily switch up fuel types. You’ll still have the great aesthetic of your current fireplace, only without all of the work involved.
  • They save you money. Because so much more heat is pouring back into your space, you can definitely turn your thermostat down and save money on monthly heating bills.
  • They enhance your ambiance. If your current fireplace setup is outdated, drab, or just not your taste, an insert can help to improve the look of it significantly. There are many design and style options on today’s market, so you’re sure to find something to love, no problem.
  • They’re an affordable update. Inserts are relatively affordable, especially when you consider the cost of rebuilding an entirely new fireplace. If you’re looking to upgrade without breaking the bank, this is a great route.

Sound like the way to go? We’d be happy to help you further explore your options. If you live on or near Stonyridge Avenue, Main Street, Market Street, Dye Mill Road, Dorset Road, Crescent Drive, Lake Street, Ridge Avenue, Garfield Avenue, Penn Road, Madison Street, Clay Street, Mulberry Street, Walnut Street, Counts Street, West Street, Meadow Lane, Maplewood Drive, Linwood Drive, Mystic Lane, or Ohio Avenue, give our techs a call right away.

Our Services Are Customized to You

We could offer every chimney service imaginable, but if we’re not willing to custom-fit them to your needs, they likely wouldn’t do you much good. Fortunately, we’re all about fitting all of our services to meet your specific requirements, budget, and vision.

Book any of the following chimney and fireplace services with us today:

We also offer dryer vent cleanings. If you’re due to have yours cleaned out, we’ve got you covered!

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