When you think of a chimney’s function, you most likely think of smoke being filtered away from the fireplace or wood stove – up and out of your home. This important process is the main reason why a chimney exists.

However, if smoke can get out, there has to be the danger of other things getting in, right? This is why there are a number of different components, which work together to make sure your chimney can do its job – while ensuring your home remains safe from weather, outside debris, and animals that might be looking for a warm place to nest.

Three of the most essential parts of a chimney are the chimney crown, chimney cap, and chase cover. These three items work hard to keep your chimney from forming leaks, while keeping your home better protected too. That said, they’re all located around the same area, which leaves many wondering what the differences between the three are – and what exactly they all do.

What Is the Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown is crucial to defending your chimney from water penetration. It acts as a shield for your chimney, it should be constructed with a concrete mix, and it is meant to do two very important jobs.

  1. masonry chimney with concrete crown and chimney capThe first job your chimney crown does is deflect water away from the masonry sides. The crown should contain a slope and extend beyond the edges of the brick and mortar of your chimney. This overhang allows water to flow out and away from the masonry and onto the roof – where it can be guided to your gutters and away from your home.
  2. The other job of your crown is to prevent water from seeping into the brick and mortar of your chimney.When masonry is exposed to water, it is susceptible to the freeze/thaw process. This process happens when moisture is caught in the pores of brick and mortar. Upon freezing, it naturally expands and pushes open the pores, causing cracks. The longer this process goes on, the more destruction it causes, eventually resulting in crumbling and an unstable structure.

Your chimney crown should be free of cracks and holes, and it’s important to keep an open eye for potential damage. The chimney techs at Mid-Valley Chimney Repair and Sweeps are trained to spot weak spots in your chimney and the parts that make it up. Call us out to safely inspect your chimney crown and stop leaks before they start.

What Is the Chimney Cap?

a metal chimney cap with a mesh screen surroundingThe chimney cap is a roof-like structure that sits over the opening of your chimney. Often made of metal, its primary function is to prevent rain, snow, debris, and animals from entering your chimney, while also easily allowing smoke and other fumes out. By keeping things out of the chimney that aren’t supposed to be there, your chimney cap is keeping your entire structure stronger and safer.

A properly-sized and installed chimney cap will effectively shield the opening to the flue, will not be bent or twisted, and should show no signs of deterioration. In the same way as your chimney crown keeps water from getting to the outside brick and mortar, your chimney cap keeps water from the inside – where unseen damage can quickly take place.

What Is the Chase Cover?

A chase cover is a metal, stainless steel, copper, or other corrosion-resistant component that most often sits on top of a prefabricated or factory-built chimney. It takes the shape of a chimney crown and will  cover the top of the wood-framed chase, acting as a barrier from the elements and protecting the top of the chimney. It is shaped at various angles to keep water directed away from the junction of the chimney pipe and the chimney itself.

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All of these components are important for a well-functioning and long-lasting chimney. Well-maintained brick and mortar or a wood-framed chase can last a lifetime, but if not taken care of, can deteriorate quickly and cause extensive damage to the home due to water entry.

Our team at Mid-Valley Chimney Repair and Sweeps is trained to spot weak spots in chimneys and make sure that your chimney is working properly. That said, while we are experts at chimney repairs, we always desire to save you money and time by helping you maintain your chimney and stop damages before they start.

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