We Tailor Our Chimney Repairs Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

Here at Mid-Valley Chimney, we offer a wide range of quality chimney repairs. From quick chimney cap replacements to lengthy rebuilds, there isn’t anything – big or small – that we can’t do to get your chimney and fireplace back in working order.

And don’t stress about us tacking on services you don’t need, confusing you with technical jargon, or suggesting services and products far outside your budget… We’re all about custom-creating a repair plan that works for you!

multi-colored chimney masonry with new crown and chimney cap
technician pouring concrete for new chimney crown
Brick chimney with new black flashing, crown and stainless steel chimney caps
White stone chimney masonry with new crown and stainless steel chimney caps
Smoke Chamber Spray Before

Smoke Chamber Spray Before

Smoke Chamber Spray After

Smoke Chamber Spray After

We Offer Masonry Repairs, Relining Work, Leak Repairs & More

Why trust us with your chimney repairs? Our experts are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the winners of multiple service awards, and we have years and years of hands-on experience under our belts.

But most importantly, we always put you first. Turn to us for the following:

  • Masonry Repairs: Damaged masonry hurts curb appeal and leaves your system more vulnerable to further issues. If your bricks and mortar have seen better days, we can restore them with tuckpointing services and brick replacement.
  • Chimney Rebuilds: Significant damage resulting from a missing chimney cap, damaged flashing, spalling bricks, and more is all too common. We can remedy the problem by reconstructing the back walls of fireplaces, then doing everything possible to ensure they stay protected down the line.
  • Chimney Relining: If your liner isn’t in good condition, your home and those inside of it could face some serious risks. We can restore your liner with HeatShield®. Ask our team about your options today.
  • Chimney Leak Repair: If water is damaging your fireplace, inside or out, we can find the issue and fix it. Turn to us for custom chimney cap installation, chase cover installation, crown rebuilds, and chimney waterproofing.

We’ve Got Your Entire System Covered

As you can see, whatever you need, we’re trained and equipped to handle it all. Questions about any of the things we’ve mentioned? Give us a holler – we’d be happy to address any of your concerns or inquiries.

Call 513-727-0994 or request your estimate online with us today.


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