Does Your Prefabricated Chimney Need a New Chase Cover?

If you’re somewhat familiar with chimney anatomy, then you know that all systems should be equipped with some type of crown to help direct water away from the sides of the masonry structure. But is this protection necessary for prefabricated units, too?

You bet. Except, rather than a concrete crown, prefab systems will be equipped with a reliable chase cover, or chase top. Chase covers essentially offer the same type of protection as a crown, only they are made from quality corrosion-resistant materials that are better suited for the makeup of a factory-built chimney.

Red brick masonry chimney with concrete chimney crown missing a protective chase cover

How Can My Chase Cover Get Damaged?

There are a few big reasons your chase cover might be facing damage.

  1. It isn’t made from reliable materials. The stock cover your system came with is likely built from sheet metal, which isn’t known for its reliability or longevity. These models can offer some short-term protection, but will eventually sag, dent, or collapse under the weight of snow, ice, and rain. Invest in a stainless steel or copper option before damage occurs and moisture gets easy access to your chimney.
  2. It’s dented or too flat, inviting water to pool up. Like with the crowns on masonry setups, chase covers should be slightly slanted to ensure water is sent safely away and that it doesn’t pool on top of the cover and trigger rust. Dents or a too-flat surface can create spaces for water to settle and cause decay and corrosion.
  3. It’s not installed correctly. If your chase top or cover wasn’t installed by a qualified chimney pro, there’s a good chance vulnerable spots are present which will cause both it and your chimney to suffer – and potentially your home, too. Invest in affordable and professional care now, so you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for repairs down the line.
  4. Strong wind and/or animals have caused damage. Sometimes outside things interfere and cause damage. Strong winds can cause parts of the cover to lift, and animal tampering can lead to damaged areas, too.

When it comes to your chase cover, even small damages can quickly cause big issues. It only takes one tiny opening for water to enter and start wreaking havoc. Ensure you’re set up right from the start by working with our crew through it all.

Not Sure What You Need? Schedule an Inspection

Because prefabricated units are known for being so affordable and convenient to install, many assume they don’t need inspections as often as the permanent masonry setups. Unfortunately, this thought process leads to lots of issues. The truth is that every fireplace and chimney, no matter the type of system or fuel used, needs to be inspected annually by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) sweep.

If you have a prefab chimney and you’re worried that your chase cover (or any other part) needs some care, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an inspection with our qualified crew. We’re professional, polite, and efficient, and we’ll make sure your system is looking good and ready to operate safely for your upcoming burn period.

There Are Multiple Ways to Reach Us

If you’re ready to schedule, you can reach out to us online through our website, or you can simply give us a call at 513-727-0994. We look forward to working with you soon!


Our chimney repairs expertise includes chimney crown rebuilds to keep water damage from becoming an issue.