Don’t Miss Out On the Many Benefits of a Quality Chimney Cap

Having a home with a chimney attached essentially means that you have a hole in your roof. Yes, it’s necessary to ensure smoke and other potentially harmful fumes and gases safely escape outdoors, but it also leaves a pretty vulnerable spot where water, debris, and even animals can enter.

So, what’s the solution? A chimney cap. But not just any cap… Here at Mid-Valley Chimney, we believe all homes deserve custom-fitted stainless steel caps, which are designed to give their system the highest level of protection.

Red brick masonry chimney with custom-fitted double flue stainless steel chimney cap
Red brick masonry chimney with custom-fitted triple flue stainless steel chimney cap
Custom-fitted stainless steel chimney cap on brick chimney
Dirty, stained stoned chimney with double flue and deteriorating chimney caps
Restored stone masonry free of stains with new chimney crown and custom-fitted stainless steel chimney caps for both flues

What Could Happen if I’m Missing My Cap?

What does it mean if your chimney cap is damaged or missing? Well, chimney caps do a lot for your system. They block out water, debris, and animals, and they stop downdrafts from becoming an issue, too. Some even serve as spark arrestors. Which means that there are quite a lot of issues and hazards you could end up experiencing if yours is missing.

  • You’ll experience all types of water damage. Most notably, you’ll experience extensive water damage if no chimney cap is present. Snow and rain will easily be able to get inside of your system, which will cause chimney liner deterioration, rotting and staining throughout your walls and woodwork, mold growth, rusted metal components, and more.
  • Animals will be more likely to enter. The last thing any homeowner wants is smelly birds and wildlife camping out in their flue. Their feces invite pests, their nests clog things up, and the critters themselves can be quite noisy. And if you have something protected by law, like the chimney swift, removal isn’t even an option. If you ask us, it’s best to simply keep them out from the get-go.
  • You’ll be more prone to airflow issues. Whether it’s birds bringing in nesting materials or twigs and leaves that the wind blew in, an uncapped chimney is much more likely to experience clogs that will obstruct your airflow. Poor airflow lowers efficiency and significantly increases the likelihood of smoke and hazardous gases entering your home.
  • There will be an increased risk of fire hazards. Along with creating blockages and airflow issues, leaves, grass, and other outdoor debris can create huge fire hazards when bundled up inside of your chimney. Caps are also known as spark arrestors, meaning they’ll stop stray sparks before they land on any flammable roofing materials.
  • Gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure will be more likely. As mentioned above, missing caps increase the chances of airflow issues, which can then lead to dangerous fumes in your home. Carbon monoxide is especially harmful because it’s both highly poisonous and virtually impossible to smell or see.
  • Your home won’t be as comfortable. Your chimney cap can play a solid role in keeping downdrafts from swooping through your flue and into your living room. If you like the temperature in your home to stay consistent and comfortable (as most of us do), then a well-fitted cap can help with this.
  • Foul odors may enter your home. Many of the issues we’ve already mentioned (animals in your flue, downdrafts, water entry, etc.) can all trigger unpleasant smells, which are prone to eventually waft into your living space.
  • You’ll lose money. Whether it’s downdrafts forcing your heater to run longer, bird nests creating harmful chimney fires, rain falling in and breaking things down, or something else, every issue we’ve listed here results in you paying for bills or repairs that could have been avoided with the simple (and affordable) installation of a chimney cap.

Get the Protection You Deserve

It’s bad enough that the outside of your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, but the inside of it shouldn’t have to suffer the same fate. Without a chimney cap in place, your chimney will be attacked by water from both the outside and the inside, facing significant damage throughout the process.

Trust us to offer the protection you deserve, so you can light fires with peace of mind in the years ahead. We can be reached at 513-727-0994 or through our convenient online form. Thanks for trusting in us with it all.


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