Safeguard Your Bricks & Mortar By Hiring Us for Professional Waterproofing Services

What words come to mind when you picture a brick? Probably… Solid? Reliable? Sturdy? Hard to break? And we’re guessing things like porous or vulnerable didn’t pop into your head at all. Well, this common misconception with brick is often what causes it to break down prematurely. The truth is that your brickwork and mortar are actually fairly weak when it comes to withstanding water, snow, and other types of moisture.

That said, blocking your masonry chimney from the elements isn’t exactly an option either, due to its necessary location outside of your home. So, what can be done? Well, the answer is easy – invest in professional waterproofing.

Why Invest in Professional Waterproofing?

Why do we encourage our customers throughout Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, West Chester, Montgomery, and more to invest in professional waterproofing services with us?

  • It stops the freeze/thaw process. The freeze/thaw process is extremely harmful, and it’s something we can’t exactly avoid here in Montgomery County. Waterproofing keeps water from entering, so it can’t freeze, expand, and trigger more damage.
  • It prevents cracking and spalling. A chimney that’s not protected from water will simply continue soaking in moisture, which leads to cracking, crumbling, and missing bricks. This is both unsightly and causes even more damage to occur throughout your system down the line.
  • It allows your brickwork to still breathe. Bricks are more finicky than we give them credit for. While they need to have that protective layer that keeps out water, they also need the ability to breathe out any vapors and pre-absorbed moisture. This need for vapor permeability is why trusting professionals is so important, as most store-bought sealers don’t allow for this.
  • It keeps your brickwork looking great. There’s no denying that masonry chimneys offer a timeless look to your home. People have been investing in masonry walls, chimneys, archways, and more for decades because it’s reliable and it never goes out of style. But it needs to be maintained to uphold that great aesthetic. Otherwise, you’ll face discoloration, decay, and more.
  • It keeps you safer. In the end, using a fireplace and chimney that’s damaged puts your entire household at risk, and leaves you more likely to experience chimney fires, house fires, carbon monoxide leaks, smoke in your space, and other issues. Invest in waterproofing, so that your system stands strong and keeps you protected for the long haul.
  • It saves you money. Everything we’ve discussed costs you money. When you consider the cost of addressing water-related damages, investing in repairs after a house fire, paying medical bills after someone was hurt or ill, or making plans for an entire rebuild, waterproofing is always going to be the more cost-effective option.
Close Up of Water Repellent Being Sprayed on Bricks

Water Repellent Spray on Bricks

Close up of bricks with water droplets repelling on the surface

Water Beading on Bricks

before and after with a white chimney with stains and masonry damage on the left and on the right shows refreshed white masonry after waterproofing service

What To Do if You Already Have Damage

Is it clear that you already have damage? Have you spotted discoloration, cracking, decay, crumbling mortar, or other issues? Or maybe your system just simply isn’t running as efficiently as it used to? In these cases, you won’t want to invest in waterproofing services until after any necessary repairs can be completed.

The first step to getting these tackled? Schedule your inspection. Sometimes damages are obvious and apparent, but many times they’re hidden away. Which means you could be experiencing risks when operating your fireplace and not even know it.

Get your inspection booked, so that you know your system is in good condition before diving into any preventive maintenance.

Can I DIY?

We would strongly advise against DIY waterproofing. Yes, there are products sold in stores that claim to offer adequate protection. And chances are they will, in fact, keep water out! The problem with most of these is that they aren’t vapor-permeable, so they’ll simply trap in any moisture that’s already soaked into your brickwork. This means damage will only continue to occur, and you’ll still need masonry repairs down the line.

Along with this, an inexperienced hand could easily miss important areas of the system, meaning your chimney will still be just as vulnerable as it was before the products were applied. Our certified techs will ensure the process is done correctly from start to finish, so you can rest easier knowing your masonry is protected for years to come.

We’d Love to Speak With You Soon

We love what we do here at Mid-Valley Chimney, and seeing that smile of relief on the faces of our customers is the reason we do it. Give us a call today to get the protection your system needs to run safely for years to come. Our number is 513-727-0994 – we’d be happy to speak with you soon.

Can’t call? No problem. Reach out online to request your estimate and our techs will be in touch.


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