Improve the Look & Feel of Your Living Space With a Fireplace Facelift

Have you ever found yourself in the mood for change? And not just any change, like a different color shirt – maybe one with patterns when you usually prefer solids – or perhaps a new hairdo, but a big, drastic, somewhat life-altering change. Depending on the severity of the itch, change can manifest in many different ways, not just switching up your look, but perhaps that of the space you spend so much of your time in.

Fireplace with outdated logs, bricks, white marble surround and chestnut wood mantel before facelift - Mantel decorated with pictures and clock etc. - white marble surrounds the firebox - the mantel has dental molding.

Fireplace Facelift Before

Fireplace with updated logs, black bricks and fire rocks white marble surround and chestnut wood mantel after facelift.

Fireplace Facelift After

Perhaps you’re experimenting a bit with interior design or are just sick and tired of looking at the same stuff in the same position they’ve always been in. Perhaps, though, you want something more… a bigger change – one that changes the entire look and feel of your living space.

When many consider changing up their space, the fireplace isn’t typically the first thing they think of modifying. Why? Well, probably because most guess it would be an expensive, time-consuming ordeal – and buying new couches, adding carpet, or switching artwork seems a lot quicker and easier.

But, did you know, for as much value as a fireplace provides a room – both in creating a beautiful focal point and an unmatched ambience – investing in a fireplace facelift is one relatively quick (and affordable) way to update your existing hearth? We’ll get into the whats, hows, and whys of it later, but just know that if you’re looking for any fireplace or chimney service and maintenance company in or around Dayton or Cincinnati, Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweeps is the place to call.

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Looking To Revive or Modernize Your Old, Drab Fireplace?

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place, or you’re simply tired of staring at the same old fireplace, there are more options available than shelling out unnecessary funds to replace your entire appliance. Contrary to popular belief, switching it up doesn’t have to be as expensive or as messy as commonly seen on networks like HGTV.

Fireplace Restoration - Before (top) After (bottom) - old gas logs in the elaborate surround of the firebox (top) and new firebricks in the firebox for real wood burning (bottom).

The process of changing up the front of your fireplace is known by a few different names: resurfacing, restoring, refacing, or, as we here at Mid-Valley like to call it, a fireplace facelift. We offer a wide variety of material options for completing your fireplace facelift and most can be completed in a range of designs and colors, too. Once done, you’ll have a fireplace that is completely unique to your home.

Choose from the following materials (we’ve got more on their specifics below):

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Metal
  • Cast Concrete
  • Tile

Can Old Fireplaces Be Restored?

They absolutely can. Just because your current fireplace sports one specific look right now does not mean that it has to remain that way forever! Maybe you love your fuel source and overall heating system, but are no longer a fan of the general look it gives your living space. In a lot of ways, restoring an old fireplace is like upcycling: forming something fresh and new with the bones and structure of something older or used.

Another benefit of a fireplace restoration? Because you’re not actually replacing anything in terms of parts and pieces that help the system function properly, you’re never “stuck” with one particular look or material. Tired of the old, worn, and weathered brick mantle? Maybe you’d be interested in something with more of a modern flair, like tile! Down the line, if you find that you miss the rustic vibe that your brickwork provided, it’s absolutely an option to reface again, but with newer, brighter bricks. 

So, don’t just settle for a fireplace you only tolerate when you can change the entire look of a space without having to actually replace anything. Your heating system shouldn’t just keep you warm and cozy, but it should add that special “oomph” to the overall design and feel of the space. 

Long story short, just because it may be old doesn’t mean it can’t learn new tricks… er, take on new looks? Ask us about scheduling a fireplace facelift today. Someone from our team would love to chat with you about all the different options we provide.

What Is a Fireplace Facelift?

Okay, so a facelift? Why do we call such a service a “facelift?” Well, for a couple reasons, actually.

  1. The first is because the process is, technically, lifting the face of the existing system in order to replace it with something new, updated, or just altogether different.
  2. Secondly, we find “fireplace facelift” to sound much more intriguing than a mere “fireplace revival” or “fireplace restoration.” We believe the term “facelift” personifies the fireplace system in a way that pays the appliance a respect that it deserves. After all, what’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a room that happens to have a beautiful fireplace that somehow ties in to the rest of the elements – colors, design, overall aesthetic – of the space?

We might be biased, but we always notice the fireplace – there’s just something so innately comforting and ambient about a well-placed (and appropriately designed) hearth. Especially in this day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to update their look, whether that means experimenting with a new makeup routine or trying out some new and different accessories. Why should your fireplace be any different? Facelifts breathe fresh life into your outdated system by giving it a new and improved look that’s completely personalized to your preferences and style.

Here at Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweeps, we offer a wide variety of material options for completing your fireplace facelift and most can be completed in a range of designs and colors, too. Once done, you’ll have a fireplace that is completely unique to your home.

Fireplace with red brick surround hearth and white and pine wood mantel before facelift
Fireplace with white washed brick surround hearth and white and pine wood mantel after facelift

What Are the Benefits of Refacing My Fireplace?

Investing in a fireplace facelift is beneficial for more than just improving or changing up the look of your system and the space in which it’s contained. It’s a service that actually has a range of practical perks as well:

  • Improved Efficiency. Depending on the existing material of your fireplace, there is a possibility that it is not producing the optimal amount of heat that it could if the surrounding materials were changed or updated. What does this mean? Well, for instance, if your system is especially old (or, perhaps, vintage?), it is possible that the heat production and overall efficiency is not what it once was – and simply replacing the surrounding materials is a great way to improve both.
  • Easier To Maintain. The older your system materials, the more maintenance to keep them clean and soot-free. If you’re tired of everything looking somewhat dingy or it seems like you can never get your mantle the level of clean that you’re going for, a fireplace facelift might be just the service you need.
  • Boosts Overall Home Value. This can depend on a lot of different factors, but if/when you ever decide to sell your home, having a well-kept, distinctly modern fireplace system can increase your home value and make buyers more likely to pull the trigger on your place, as opposed to another one they’ve visited.
  • More Affordable Way To Update Your System & Space. Facelifts are really the best option when it comes to getting the most “bang for your buck” so to speak, simply because of the ease of installation (when compared to other options) and the range of possibilities. Home aesthetics are important! You want to feel comfortable and at peace when you’re sitting in your living room, not irritated by the appearance of your 1980s-era mantle – especially when it doesn’t match the vibe of the rest of your space and home decor.

What Are the Refacing Material Options?

So, you’re intrigued. You’ve been thinking of doing something for awhile, you just could never quite put your finger on the option or service that best suits your needs. What, then, are your options in terms of material, look, feel, and overall style? 

We’re glad you asked. There are actually quite a few choices when it comes to refacing your fireplace in a material that checks all the boxes: color, finish, and most importantly, your personal preferences.

To make things a bit more digestible, let’s take a look at the options in two separate categories: materials that render a final project more in line with a traditional look and those that update the system to have a more modern appearance.

First up: Traditional

When customers ask for a traditional or timeless look, there are three options that usually come to mind – brick, stone, or cultured stone. Let’s go over each.

  • Brick: When people think of a fireplace, brick is typically the first thing that comes to mind. If you want a fresh look that’s still timeless and classic, brick is the way to go. The great thing about using brick is that you can easily put modern spins on the design, allowing you to truly gain the best of both worlds. And it’s sturdy and reliable, so you can trust it will last you for decades.
  • Stone: Stone is also on the more traditional side, and there are lots of options to explore if it’s the route you’d like to take. Explore colors and styles in granite, marble, limestone, slate, and more… the possibilities are endless!
  • Cultured Stone: Is the cost or weight of materials a concern for you? Well, if you love the look of stone, but don’t have room in the budget for it, then cultured stone is a great (and less expensive) alternative. It truly looks like the real thing, and it comes in hundreds of different style, design, and color options, too.

Interested In a More Modern Look?

Perhaps you’re looking for more of a modern update, as opposed to a sort of restoration or revitalization of older materials. Fortunately, we’ve got some great options to choose from in this category as well.

  • Tile: Tile is a popular facelift option because it’s so versatile. Tiles can be placed to meet a range of design ideas, and they come in many different colors, textures, and finishes, too. This is a great option for those looking for something extra unique, and it’s sure to make your fireplace stand out.
  • Cast Concrete: Cast concrete is smooth, neutral, and clean, making it a great option for those seeking that modern, low-key vibe that many go for nowadays. Cast concrete can be formed into whatever design or shape you’d prefer, and it comes in a range of finishes, textures, and color options.
  • Metal: Into a minimalist style? Then, we think metal may be the right pick for you. It’s sleek, smooth, and straightforward, and you’ll have a variety of colors and finishes to choose from. If you’re looking to keep things clean and uncomplicated, this would be an ideal fit for you.

How Do I Choose the “Right” Materials for a Fireplace Renovation?

Isn’t that just the million dollar question? Too many questions and wonderings in life are classified into “right” and “wrong,” when really, all that matters is what you want. Obviously, we can’t speak for any of the other decisions, options, and choices you face in your life, but we can tell you that when it comes to choosing a material for your fireplace facelift, you really can’t go wrong.

The most important thing is to do your research, ask yourself (and the professionals you’re working with) some pointed questions, and trust in the process. If you’re really stuck and don’t even know where to start, ask yourself some basic questions like these:

  • What is it that I don’t like about my current fireplace?
  • What (if anything) do I enjoy about the current fireplace?
  • What would my dream fireplace look like?
  • What is the overall look that I’m going for in this space?
  • Are there any inefficiencies I’d like to address with a new material?

This list is just to get you started in thinking about your goals for your exciting renovation project. Browse through some images online or in magazines, conduct some general brainstorming, and be sure to get really specific with your answers – that should help you at least narrow your list down to a more manageable few.

Still not sure where to begin? Schedule an appointment with someone from our team. You can reach us online through our website, or by calling 513-727-0994. For all things fireplace and chimney in the Southwest Ohio area, there is no one better than Mid-Valley Chimney.

New fireplace Installation in progress in preparation for stone fascia installation and two wood chambers
New fireplace Installation with Stone Fascia in place with a wood chamber on each side

What Does a Fireplace Facelift Process Look Like?

Ultimately, the installation process for a fireplace facelift will look different depending on what material you end up choosing. For example, provided the existing fireplace structure and materials are in good shape, many homeowners and installation professionals alike prefer to affix the new materials to the old. However, in instances where you’re going for a completely different look or the current facing is crumbling or cracking, your technicians are going to have to disassemble everything and strip the system to get to the drywall beneath, where they will then install the new materials.

The way in which each material type is installed or adhered to the face of your fireplace is, as you may have guessed, also determined by the type of material that you choose. Stone, cultured stone, or tile requires a very smooth, flat surface in order to properly adhere. Actually, so long as the proper mortar is used (each material needs something a bit different), materials such as these can be installed directly onto the drywall.

As for more detailed answers to questions like, “How long is the installation process?,” “What do I need to do to prepare for this service?,” and other specifics, give us a call or book an appointment online. That way, we’ll be able to sit down with you to describe everything in detail and ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed before we begin.

How Much Does It Cost To Reface a Fireplace?

You might’ve already guessed, but the final cost of a fireplace facelift ultimately depends on a variety of different factors. For starters, the material you choose. Some refacing options, like we mentioned earlier, come with a lower price tag than others. Also, the size of your fireplace and the overall look you’re going for. For example, even if you have a rather average-sized fireplace, if your facelift vision involves expansion of the surrounding materials, the overall price will be determined by the amount of your chosen material, as well as the labor involved in the installation.

Have a vision? Looking for an estimate? Reach out and schedule something with Mid-Valley Chimney today. Give us a call at 513-727-0994 or, if you prefer, contact us right here online. Once we have a chance to meet with you and learn a bit more about what you’re looking for, we can provide you with an estimated quote for your services.

Can I Reface My Own Fireplace?

Here’s the thing – lots of websites, videos, and even some TV shows encourage homeowners to take on rather intimidating, intense DIY projects, such as refacing a fireplace. As a professional chimney and fireplace company, do we recommend it? No, we don’t. And not because we don’t think you’re capable or prefer the money spent on materials and equipment be paid to us instead, but because a fireplace facelift can be dangerous if you don’t quite know exactly what you’re doing.

Of course, of all the fireplace and chimney related DIYs you could attempt, this is a rather tame one, but for a job done safely and accurately, it’s still always better to trust the professionals. We’d hate for you to start the project with gusto only to learn quickly that it’s much more challenging than the internet often leads you to believe. Plus, wouldn’t you rather pay the money, make the mess, and do this whole thing once (as opposed to potentially spending more to have it all destroyed to be completely redone professionally)?

Our rates are fair and our service exceptional. If you are a homeowner in Montgomery County, OH, you’re in good hands with Mid-Valley. Reach out today to learn more about us and what we can do for you.

In Search of Something More Than Just a New Look? Ask Us About All Our Appliance Options

Whether you’re looking and ready for an even bigger, more drastic change or you’re simply tired of your current heating appliance, we can help with that too. Have an existing fireplace with gas logs, but you want to go back to wood-fueled? We can help. Sick of chopping, hauling, and splitting wood? No worries – we’ve got options. Interested in more heat production, but not a fan of the gas insert look? Let’s chat about similar alternatives.

Be it gas or wood, free-standing or embedded, at Mid-Valley Chimney, there is something for everyone. Not sure what you’re looking for, you just know you want a change? You can count on us to give you the best prices, most accurate information, and professional advice.

Ready To Schedule Your Fireplace Facelift? Give Us a Call Today!

We often view change as a bad thing – especially when the result is rocky or uncertain. Fortunately, when it comes to changing the look of your living space, you have a plethora of options at your disposal. And our personal favorite among them? A fireplace facelift.

Such an important focal point of a room deserves the same attention and opportunity to be made over as the paint on your walls or the color of your upholstery. Get started today by booking an appointment with us right here online or by calling us at 513-727-0994.

We can’t wait to help you create the fireplace of your dreams.


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