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Dryer fires are responsible for hundreds of injuries, multiple deaths, and millions of dollars worth of property damage every single year. The sad part of this is that many of these events could have been easily avoided by investing in some simple and affordable professional maintenance – namely, annual dryer vent cleanings.

Unfortunately, many don’t give too much thought to the risks of dirty dryer vents, despite them being the leading cause of dryer fires throughout the United States. Dryer vents tend to remain out of sight in the home, which then keeps them out of mind, leaving homeowners quite at risk without even realizing it.

How Can I Avoid Dryer Fires?

The most effective way to avoid a dryer fire is to invest in a professional dryer vent cleaning every single year. Like with chimney inspections, having your vents professionally cleaned on an annual basis is imperative to reducing your risk of harm or injury.

Other tips include cleaning your lint trap after every load, replacing your accordion-style ducts with smooth ones, and avoiding drying clothes with flammable stains (like gas, certain cleaning agents, cooking oil, etc.). You’ll also be less prone to clogs the shorter your duct system is, if that’s a viable option for you.

Before and after of Inside view of dryer vent with clogged vent on the left and cleared vent on the right

What Other Hazards Do Dirty Vents Cause?

Now, dryer fires are probably the biggest (and most common) issue to be concerned about, but there are other issues that dirty or clogged vents invite, too.

  • Inefficiency: A dryer with clogged vents will not run as efficiently. Since fumes aren’t able to vent as well, you’ll discover that your clothes aren’t getting dry after just one cycle, and you may need to run it a few times before you’re ready to take them out.
  • Loss of Money: Not only does running your dryer over and over increase energy bills, but it puts more wear on your clothes, too. Which means replacing worn out items much sooner than anticipated.
  • Risk of Carbon Monoxide Leaks: In addition to fires, you’ll experience an increased risk of carbon monoxide leaks, too. If the fumes your system produces cannot safely vent outside of your home, they’ll simply turn right back around and enter your living space.
  • Appliance Wear: The more your dryer runs, the sooner it will break down. Meaning you could be investing in a new one years before you originally hoped for. Not only is this a hassle, but it’s not cheap, either.

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