When it’s time to give your chimney some attention, how do you know who to hire? Many are surprised to learn that the chimney industry isn’t regulated, so anyone with a business license and a set of brushes is technically able to advertise themselves as a chimney sweep. 

That said, your chimney system is an important part of your home. When done properly, regular sweepings clear out creosote, soot, and debris that, left unchecked, is the leading contributor to the over 50,000 heating equipment fires that occur in the U.S. each year. Needless to say, a skilled touch is important when installing or altering your chimney system as well.

Haphazard installations or improperly executed upgrades can lead to a system that doesn’t run as safely or efficiently as it ought to. And annual chimney inspections are where trained eyes can spot issues that could add up to more costly repairs and lack of functionality if not caught earlier. In short, your chimney sweep is an important contributor to the optimal enjoyment of your fireplace or stove.

If anyone could say they’re a sweep, how do you know your pro is up to the job? Here are four simple things homeowners can look for to hire a chimney sweep with confidence.

✓ CSIA certification

the logo for the chimney safety institute of AmericaA CSIA certification is the gold standard when it comes to professional certifications in the chimney industry. Why?

  1. Certification can only be attained by passing a comprehensive exam that indicates a wide base of knowledge.
  2. CSIA sweeps must be recertified every three years.
  3. The institute is a non-profit overseen by a volunteer board of experts.

In other words, a CSIA membership isn’t bought – it’s earned, then maintained, by keeping industry knowledge fresh.

In addition to demonstrating a breadth of knowledge and staying on top of current practices, safety standards, and technology, CSIA certified sweeps sign on to a strong code of ethics. Rest assured, a CSIA certification is a commitment to integrity and professionalism.

✓ Industry memberships

Professional associations also point to a chimney sweep’s motivation to rub elbows with other pros, hone trade knowledge, and have access to continuing industry education and awareness. For instance, we choose to maintain a membership and affiliation with the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). The guild also holds its members accountable to a robust code of conduct. Industry membership indicates a healthy participation in the life of the trade.

✓ Experience

We all know that experience is a great teacher. Spending time on the job gives a sweep the opportunity to encounter unique situations, work with a range of products, and increase their skill set. It also helps a professional more readily identify problems and call to mind the best way to intervene.

Whether you have in mind an installation job, a system upgrade or repair, or just some basic upkeep, there’s no scenario where an expert touch isn’t valuable. We’ve been serving Montgomery County since 2006, so never fear – we know our stuff.

✓ Positive Online Reviews

a person tapping their phone with blacked out review boxes popping upOne of the advantages of the technology age is that we can readily share our experiences to help others out. Interested in the customer perspective on your prospective sweep? You can easily find online reviews that will give you the scoop. Established businesses tend to have a lot of reviews, and these should speak to the punctuality, cleanliness, fairness, and professionalism of the service provider.

Were they proficient? Friendly? Able to speak to their customers’ questions and concerns? Chances are, they’ll adhere to the same standard of quality for you as a client as well.

If the reviews alone don’t speak for themselves, you’re also likely to come across any rewards the business has earned in your search process. For instance, in addition to hundreds of positive reviews, we’re proud of what our awards say about our service. We’re Angi Leads Members (and four-time recipients of the Super Service Award), Home Advisor Award Recipients, and Better Business Bureau Accredited.

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Many memories center around your home – it’s the space you call your own, unwind in, and invite friends and family into. Caring for it is high on the priority list! For those who love the comfort a fireplace brings to their space, chimney maintenance and care can’t be overlooked. Your chimney professional helps keep your home safe and cozy, so recognizing the CSIA certification badge on a chimney sweep’s website, noting industry memberships, identifying positive customer feedback, and ensuring the crew has plenty of industry experience helps give you assurance that your home’s chimney system is in good hands.

We have an outstanding track record of providing thorough, personalized customer service. When we show up, we’re ready to give careful attention to the job at hand, and we’ve got the training and on-the-job experience to recognize how to serve you best.

Are we the crew for you? We proudly serve the Cincinnati area with integrity, personalized care, and commitment to top-notch work. We’d love to show you what we can do to keep your fireplace blazing safely and optimally. Call 513-727-0994 or book online with us today.