Sign Up for Our Annual Chimney Maintenance Plan

When you sign up for our maintenance plan, we will schedule your annual inspection and sweep during the 1st quarter of every year that the plan is active. This allows ample time for corrective action (if needed) and ensures your system is safe and ready for use when fall and cooler temps finally arrive.

What’s Included?

During these services, we will check over your entire chimney system, addressing the following areas:

  • flue liners
  • firebox
  • damper
  • chimney cap
  • chimney crown
  • flashing
  • brickwork
  • siding
  • chase cover
  • …and more

At the end of the evaluation, we will provide a written report with photos for your records. We’ll also consult with you about any action that might be required moving forward.

Note: All services will be performed by Mid-Valley Chimney certified technicians. The cost of this program will automatically be billed to the credit card on file with annual renewals unless a 30-day written cancellation notice is received prior to the anniversary date. If canceled prior to our scheduled visit, no refunds are provided.

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What Are the Perks?

  • Your chimney and fireplace will be ready to go every year once that first cold snap hits.
  • Scheduling in the off-season (spring/summer) means shorter waiting times and easier booking.
  • Annual checkups ensure no major deterioration or damage hits you unexpectedly.
  • There’s less of a need for big-ticket services, as minor issues are caught early before they worsen.
  • No need to shell out a big lump sum for a service you could have otherwise avoided.
  • All repairs can be addressed at a convenient time when your system isn’t in use anyway – rather than during the peak of your burn season.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing the Mid-Valley team will always be there for you and your family.

Our Peace of Mind Pledge

Mid-Valley Chimney is proud to provide a peace of mind pledge for any system we repair or install. This covers the following services:

  • Crowncoat Applications
  • Brick Repair Work
  • Water Repellent Application
  • Flashing Repair/Installation
  • Mortar Repointing
  • Stainless Steel Flue Liner Installations
  • Heatshield® Restorations/Repairs
  • Firebox Repairs
  • Lintel Repairs
  • Stainless Steel Chase Cover Installations
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Installations
  • Metal Chimney Surrounds
  • Wood Stove Installation
  • Gas Fireplace Installation
  • Gas Log Installation
  • Pellet Stoves Installation

We’ll inspect our workmanship on these services annually during the 1st quarter inspection of the year. This will provide us ample time to address any interior or exterior defects or product failures before your burn season begins.

Note: This pledge does not cover any inevitable or unavoidable accidents (including, but not limited to, tornadoes, lightning strikes, tree falling damage, chimney fires, neglect/misuse,  etc.). This offer does not cover any failure due to unforeseen or hidden construction defects in the chimney, roof, gutter, or fireplace. In addition, the offer is voided if any other individuals (contractors, homeowners, handyman, etc.) perform any work on the area of repair/installation that is covered under this  agreement.

Questions? Ready to Sign Up?

If you’d like to sign up for our maintenance plan, don’t hesitate to reach out by phone at 513-727-0994 or right here on our website. We’d love to speak with you and answer any questions!


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