Count On Our Crew To Restore Your Masonry Chimney

“That hit me like a brick wall.” There are many variations of this common phrase, which implies the strong and impenetrable nature of brick. But we’ve gotten an inside look at the other – more vulnerable – side of brickwork. It’s true that it can hold up for decades, offering reliable protection and a timeless aesthetic, but that’s only if it is well cared for and professionally maintained.

What Common Problems Does Masonry Face?

So, what’s the main culprit behind masonry damage? Well, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water is what’s likely to trigger the most issues over time. Which is why we urge our customers throughout Cincinnati, Milford, Oxford, Troy, and more to invest in waterproofing services before any decay or crumbling has a chance to take place.

What happens to brickwork and mortar that’s left unprotected?

  • Staining and discoloration. Between soot stains, vegetation and mold growth, efflorescence, rust, and more, your chimney could face all types of discoloration. If you spot patches that are green, brown, red, black, or white, it’s time to call us in.
  • Missing or spalling bricks. If your bricks are breaking down or missing altogether, it affects not only the look of your system, but its structural integrity, too.
  • Crumbling mortar joints. Have you noticed that your mortar seems to be flaking or falling out? Tuckpointing services will be in order. Our crew is qualified to help with it all.
  • Tilted or leaning chimney. If your chimney isn’t standing as straight as it used to, those warning bells in your head should be going off strong. If left unaddressed, you could eventually experience a collapse, which would cause significant damage to your home, and could cause serious injury, too.
  • The freeze/thaw process. Here in Montgomery County, we’re not strangers to cold weather in the winter. Ice, snow, and freezing temperatures are the norm, which makes your brickwork more vulnerable to face cracking when the water inside of it freezes and expands.
technicians rebuilding chimney masonry
Chimney repair before repair with Damaged Stucco and Crown
Chimney repairs after showing new stucco, chimney crown and stainless steel chimney cap
Brick entryway steps before Complete grindout retuckpoint
Brick entryway steps after Complete grindout retuckpoint
Technician on roof with saw cutting chimney masonry for repair

How Can Mid-Valley Help?

So, what can our qualified crew do to cure your masonry issues? First things first, trust in us for all your tuckpointing services. This is a service that many figure they can do themselves with some caulk, but this would only cause more harm in the long run. When replacing old mortar, the new needs to match both in color and composition, so hire a pro from the start to ensure the job gets done right.

We also have the tools to replace your bricks with ones that match in size and color, ensuring your system looks clean and polished – and not mismatched or strangely pieced together.

Are leaks something you’re worried about? Like, we said, water can do a lot of damage to your chimney in a short amount of time, so we’d be happy to set you up with the tools and preventive measures necessary to stop this type of damage from occurring over and over again.

Anything else you’re concerned about? We’re sure we can help – our chimney and fireplace services cover it all.

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