Chimney Leaks Are No Match for Our Professionals

An important lesson we want all of our customers throughout Montgomery County, Clermont County, Clinton County, Greene County, and more to know is that, despite their reputation for being sturdy, strong, and durable, masonry chimneys are not permanent structures. They need care and attention to maintain their strength and dependability, and without this care, they will deteriorate and experience damage.

And one of the biggest threats to your masonry chimney? Water.

Rest Easier – Rely On Us for Your Leak Repairs

The good news about water damage is that we have the tools to repair and prevent it. Rely on us for:

  • Custom Chimney Cap Installation: The best way to prevent rain, snow, and sleet (along with animals, leaves, and other debris) from entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap. Our custom-fitted, high-quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty, so ask about having yours fitted today.
  • Chase Cover Installation: Leaky or damaged chase covers can create a lot of potential hazards for your prefabricated or factory-built fireplace. We can eliminate problems before they get worse by replacing your rusted or broken down chase cover.
  • Crown Rebuilds: Improperly built crowns are, unfortunately, a common problem in the world of chimneys. If yours is cracked or poorly constructed, water could easily enter and create more damage. We can build a proper concrete one that’s guaranteed not to crack.
  • Waterproofing Services: Waterproofing is a must for any masonry structure, and having it done by a professional will ensure your system is not only well-protected, but vapor-permeable, too. Our experts can get the job done right.
Close up of chimney flashing repair

Water Damage & My Chimney

So, there are a couple of major threats when it comes to water and your chimney. The first is moisture’s ability to wash out your mortar joints. Strong mortar is essential to keeping your masonry both looking good and acting supportive, but water can soak into these areas and cause significant crumbling and decay.

Leaky chimney repair in progress with scaffolding set up and masonry being rebuilt

Then, there’s the freeze/thaw cycle, which is something we really have to watch out for in this part of the country. All throughout Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, West Chester, Montgomery, Indian Hill, and other parts of our service area, we’re subject to frigid winters. We do all kinds of things to prepare for these colder days, like insulating our pipes, having our heating system looked over, and stocking up on ice melt, but what about our chimney?

The truth is that, if you put a brick under a microscope, you’d see lots of tiny pores, all of which can easily soak up water and moisture. Basically, your bricks are more like sponges than you’d probably guess. And in the winter this water freezes, and when water freezes, it expands. This pressure causes your bricks and mortar to break down and crack significantly.

Now, think about this. For months at a time, it’s not uncommon for temps in our area to go above freezing in the day, then drop back below at night. This means your system could face well over 100 freeze/thaw cycles in just one season. Needless to say, finding ways to combat this cycle is vital to keeping your system in good shape for the long haul.

And in addition to all this, water triggers a wide range of other issues like wood rot, rusted metal components, decay, liner damage, chimney settlements, tilted chimneys, collapses, damage to your central heating system, water stains on your walls and ceiling, and more.

Long story short – when it comes to your chimney, water is definitely something to avoid.

We’re Equipped to Help With It All

Facing more than just water-related damage? We also offer flashing repairs, chimney rebuilds, relining work, and more. A large majority of the time, damages in these areas of your chimney are also caused by water damage, but once restored, they can aid significantly in keeping your system better protected from it all.

Don’t put off the care you deserve. Our professional, polite, and efficient crew is ready for your call. Reach out at 513-727-0994 today or get in touch online right away.


Our years of experience with masonry repairs make it a chimney repair you can trust to our experts.