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There’s always fun to be had in Milford. Historic Downtown Milford has tons of great shops and dining options to check out, and if you’re looking for even more excitement, Cincinnati is just a short drive away. It’s the best of both worlds – a small town ambiance with big city amenities right around the corner.

Looking for a park to explore with your kiddos? We suggest Riverside Park, Memorial Park, or Carriage Way Park. There’s also Milford Bike Trail, which is always a good way to get out any extra energy.

But Milford is about more than just entertainment… It’s also a great community to settle down in. And whether you’re spending your day watching some good flicks, writing a few letters, starting in on that pile of library books, watching the snow fall, or something else, what makes a day indoors better than a crackling fire? We’re here to ensure you can enjoy just that.

Damage Throughout Your Chimney? We Can Help

Spotting cracks and crumbling throughout your masonry? Then, repairs and waterproofing services are in order. Call us out to your home in Milford, Clertoma, Indian Knolls, Terrace Park, South Milford, Beverly Hills, Camp Dennison, Beechwood, Gravelotte, Romohr Acres, Miamiville, Indian Hill, Oxford, Troy, or anywhere else in the surrounding towns or cities today.

Water can harm your chimney and home in countless ways, so doing everything possible to safeguard it is a must. Here at Mid-Valley Chimney, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps would be happy to repair your system, then do what we can to protect it from the damage water and moisture can do.

And when it comes to your brickwork, there’s one service that’s vital to ensuring your chimney stands strong for years – waterproofing. Our crew uses quality products and expertise to get the job done right.

Is DIY Waterproofing an Option for Me?

So, let’s say when it comes to DIY home maintenance, you’re the best of the best. You’ve tackled many home projects, saving you lots of money in the process, and you’re wondering if waterproofing your chimney could be one of those.

Quick answer? No. Waterproofing, like most chimney and fireplace services, is always going to be best left to the pros. This is because the waterproofing process has a lot more small details that need to be minded than one might think. Even the time of year it’s done can make a difference in how well results turn out!

And then there’s vapor permeability. This is your system’s ability to breathe, which is a big necessity for brick structures. Essentially, any moisture that’s already residing in your brick will need to vent out, otherwise things will continue breaking down. And the majority of paints and store-bought sealers simply trap it in.

In the end, trusting an experienced sweep from the very start will ensure no areas are missed or overlooked. Don’t waste your time and resources – count on us from the very start.

Do I Still Need Waterproofing if My Chimney Isn’t Damaged?

You bet. In fact, waterproofing will ensure it stays that way! But also, keep in mind that, even if you can’t see damage, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Be sure to always get those annual inspections booked, so you can catch any hidden issues early on and get them addressed.

Ready to keep your home on Price Road, Garfield Avenue, Lila Avenue, Milford Road, Cemetery Road, Main Street, Mound Avenue, Polk Street, Laurel Avenue, Gatch Street, Wallace Avenue, Spring Street, Riverside Drive, Apple Lane, Bay Road, Clertoma Drive, Dot Street, Edgecombe Drive, Mohawk Trail, Bradford Drive, Stoneridge Drive, Chamber Drive, Polk Street, Park Road, or anywhere else in Milford safer? We’ve got your back.

We Offer Multiple Leak Repair Services

When it comes to protecting your chimney from leaks, waterproofing isn’t the only thing we can offer. Our full list of chimney leak repairs includes:

  • Custom Chimney Caps
  • Chase Covers
  • Crown Rebuilds
  • Waterproofing

In need of any other chimney repairs? We also offer masonry repairs, chimney rebuilds, and chimney relining.  And don’t forget to schedule annual chimney inspections and regular chimney sweepings with us, too.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bigger change, rely on us for fireplace facelifts and any new stoves or fireplaces you’re interested in purchasing. Our chimney and fireplace services cover it all, so we’re happy to do everything possible to meet all of your needs.

Is Your Dryer Vent Clogged?

Have your clothes been taking longer than normal to dry? Or maybe dryer lint is winding up in places it shouldn’t be, like outside the dryer or inside the drum? You might even notice that your dryer (or the clothes themselves) seems especially hot after a cycle is complete. These are all signs that you need a dryer vent cleaning – and soon!

Clogged dryer vents are the number one cause of dryer-related fires, so don’t wait to get this important maintenance booked with our team of experts.

What Is a Chimney Cap & Why Is It Important?

A chimney cap is a metal component that covers the opening of your chimney. It prevents water, debris, and animals from entering your chimney system and causing problems. Caps often have mesh siding to allow the ventilation of smoke, toxins, and exhaust. Chimney caps can be single-flue, multi-flue, or custom-fitted to make your chimney watertight.

Do I Need a Chimney Cap?

If your chimney isn’t sealed off and you intend to use it, then yes – you do need a chimney cap. Water damage can set off a chain of events that can be expensive to repair and can even compromise your chimney’s structural integrity.

An uncapped chimney is also a welcome invitation to local critters. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds are just a few species known to nest in chimneys. And in some situations, it is illegal to remove a bird’s nest from your chimney. If a family of chimney swifts moves in, you can’t remove them without a federal permit even though their presence can introduce your family to airborne diseases, mites, fleas, and ticks. What a mess, right? A chimney cap can prevent a pest invasion before it begins.

Animals aren’t the only things that can set up shop in your chimney. Branches, twigs, leaves, and insulation can fall into your chimney and block proper airflow. This can cause harmful smoke to back up into your living space, and debris can rot and dry out, making it a potential source of kindling that can lead to a chimney fire.

So, we’ll say it again – yes, a chimney cap is a must-have component!

What Are Specialized Chimney Caps?

Have some unique chimney venting needs? You can get a specific type of chimney cap that is modified to your home’s needs.

  • Mesh Caps. These are usually among the first options for homeowners. The mesh is highly effective at preventing the entry of water, animals, and debris.
  • Decorative Caps. Despite the name, these caps are fully functional. They just have a bit more pop or ornate features to add to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Multi-Flue Caps. If you have a chimney with more than one flue, you will need a multi-flue cap. Depending on the size and setup of the flues, it may need to be custom-fitted to ensure a secure fit.
  • Spark Arrestor Caps. These caps are a great choice for homeowners in areas with a high incidence of wildfire. They have a mesh screen that catches and extinguishes sparks and embers before they can land on flammable surfaces near or on your home.
  • Rain Caps. A great choice for homes in an area where rainfall is frequent, these feature a sloped top that diverts water away from the chimney.
  • Wind-Resistant Caps. These chimney caps prevent downdrafts caused by gusty winds.

What Is the Best Material for a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are made from some sort of metal, but the type of metal can vary based on your needs, preferences, and budget. There are four commonly used materials for chimney caps:

  • Galvanized Steel is the most affordable material for chimney caps, but it’s known for being susceptible to corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel is durable and one of the more reasonably priced choices. Comparatively, it is stronger than galvanized steel and aluminum. If you’re located in a town or city that experiences extreme weather, a stainless steel chimney cap would be right for you.
  • Copper is known for its striking, reddish-brown appearance. It is corrosion-resistant, but its stylish flare makes it the most expensive material for chimney caps.
  • Aluminum is corrosion-resistant and cost-effective, but it is prone to warping and bending. It may not be the best choice for a home in a high-wind area.

Need help choosing the right fit for your set up? Give us a call or reach out online. We’d love to help.

How Long Should a Chimney Cap Last?

Depending on the style of the chimney cap you have installed and the material it’s made from, chimney caps can last from a few years to several decades. Again, be sure to talk with us about your options, as well as how to best care for your chimney and its components. If you maintain regular chimney inspections and take care of repairs as they come up, your chimney cap can withstand the test of time for many years to come.

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