Let Mid-Valley Chimney Repair & Sweep LLC Handle Your Fireplace Facelift Needs in Mason

The largest city in Warren County, Mason is the go-to place for family fun and entertainment. Visit Corwin M. Nixon Park, Makino Park, Pine Hill Lakes Park, or one of the many other parks, museums, or galleries around the city. It won’t take long to see that there are tons of great spots to explore.

So, what’s your plan for the day? Explore the sights of the city? Check out one of the many dining or shopping options? Or is it the type of day where you just stay inside, turn on the fireplace, and watch the rain (or snow, depending on the time of year) fall outside the window?

If that final option sounds like just the ticket, we’ve got you set up. We can install the system of your dreams, then ensure it’s working optimally year after year. That way you can catch up on your correspondence or read your favorite book by cozy flames whenever you like.

Interested in a Fireplace Facelift? We’re Here to Help

Does your fireplace need some revamping? We’ve updated fireplace faces in Mason, Stokes, Socialville, Hageman, Kings Mills, Miltomson, Landen, Wetherington, Bethany, Jericho, Foster, Hillcrest, Snidercrest, Cincinnati, Loveland, Beavercreek, and more, and we’d be happy to do yours, too.

A fireplace facelift is a surprisingly easy way to make a big improvement in your space. And there are lots of different options with this service, so whether you want something modern and unique or something more traditional and classic, your needs will be covered.

Here at Mid-Valley Chimney, we’d be happy to help you update your space, and offer facelifts in stone, cultured stone, brick, metal, cast concrete, and tile. Give us a call today to get started!

The Benefits of Fireplace Facelifts

What do you gain by investing in a facelift?

  • Increased Home Value: Fireplaces are surprisingly high on many homebuyers’ wishlists. That said, if your system is outdated, drab, and discolored, it’s not going to up your home’s appeal too much. A facelift can give it that necessary boost to make your home more marketable come selling time.
  • Improved Aesthetic: An outdated or ugly fireplace can put a damper on the entire mood of a room. Fireplaces are big focal points, so they play a major role in how good (or bad) the entire space looks. It can be hard to relax or unwind in a space that just doesn’t feel like home, so invest in the improvements you deserve today.
  • Highlight Your Style: Because facelifts allow you to choose from so many different materials, textures, finishes, colors, and more, personalizing your system to your style definitely won’t be an issue. If you love your home, but don’t feel like your fireplace reflects your personality, this is a great way to change things up.
  • Won’t Break the Bank: If you want to change up the look of your space, but aren’t looking to spend loads of money doing so, a facelift can be a very affordable option. Cultured stone, for example, is a cheaper material, and once completed, your entire room will look new and improved.

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Our Service List Checks All the Boxes

So, what else do you need in terms of chimney and fireplace services? We’re certain we can cover it all. Like we’ve said, we’d be happy to help with your next fireplace facelift, but if you’re needing an entirely new stove or fireplace product, we can assist with that, too.

Looking for some basic maintenance? We can tackle your next chimney inspection or chimney sweeping. Need chimney repairs completed? We’re proud to offer the following:

  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Chimney Relining
  • Chimney Leak Repair
  • Custom Chimney Caps
  • Chase Covers
  • Crown Rebuilds
  • Waterproofing
  • Fireplace Facelifts

And to top it off, we even offer dryer vent cleaning services. We truly strive to provide it all, so you don’t have to stress about relying on anyone else.

What Are the Most Common Chimney Problems?

So, it’s clear that there isn’t much we can’t do in terms of chimney care. So, what are the most common things our techs tend to see when visiting homeowners through Montgomery County and the surrounding areas?


During annual inspections, it’s not unusual for one of our technicians to find some sort of blockage in your chimney. Whether it’s leaves, live animals, abandoned nests, or branches, any type of congestion can cause serious problems. If your chimney is closed off by something, exhaust, smoke, and any chemicals cannot exit your home safely – and flammable debris is a fire hazard.

Sweeping the chimney will clear it of any obstructions and keep your chimney system working as efficiently as possible. Schedule annual chimney cleanings with us to stay on top of your chimney’s health.

Cracks in the Flue

The flue liner extends the length of your chimney and helps to prevent harmful chemicals, like carbon monoxide, from leaking into your home when you burn a fire. In addition, cracks can lead to smoke, heat, and fire spreading to the rest of your household. During an inspection, one of our technicians will use camera equipment to get a close-up look at your liner.

If liner damage is found, we may suggest relining with HeatShield®. There are three options available through HeatShield® based on the level of damage in your liner: the Joint Repair System, Resurfacing System, and CeCure® Sleeve Relining System. This is a proven and long-lasting solution to those who need a flue restoration, but don’t want to break the bank in the process.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a highly flammable byproduct of wood burning that clings to the inside of the chimney liner, and it is the most common cause of chimney fires. Creosote occurs in three stages and how it is removed depends on its stage.

  • Stage One is the earliest and easiest stage of removal and it appears as a thin, dust-like layer of soot. A thorough sweeping should be effective at this point.
  • Stage Two creosote is more tar-like and sticky. It is hard to the touch and it can limit the airflow in your chimney. Removal is a bit more complicated and requires the use of a special tool called a rotary loop.
  • Stage Three creosote buildup appears as a coating of tar on the inside of your chimney, usually shiny or glossy in appearance. This is its most flammable stage and it needs to be removed quickly. At this stage, creosote is the most difficult to remove because it’s heavier and stickier. Relining the chimney or a liner replacement may be recommended.

Damaged or Missing Chimney Caps, Chase Covers, or Crowns

Chimney leaks are often the result of a damaged chimney cap, chase cover, or crown.

Sometimes, the cap could be missing completely, while other times it’s bent or damaged. Either way, open chimneys will take on rainwater and other moisture, which is harmful to the interior components of the chimney system. They will also be open to debris and animal entry – a couple other big causes of damage. Chimney caps are relatively affordable and quick to install, making them something every chimney should have.

Crowns are concrete slabs that sit at the top of the chimney at a slope, helping to direct water away from the opening and sides of the structure. And chase covers are essentially a metal version of the crown, which can be used on both prefab and masonry chimneys.

At Mid-Valley, we offer custom-fitted stainless steel caps and chase covers to protect your chimney from the elements. If your crown is the culprit, we will recommend sealing cracks in the crown or rebuilding it completely.

Deteriorating Mortar

If your chimney’s mortar joints are crumbling, it’s likely a symptom of water damage. Mortar damage isn’t pleasant but it is quite common, even in well-kept chimneys. Sometimes, wear and tear just can’t be avoided.

The good news? Tuckpointing and brick replacement services can remedy the situation and give your chimney a fresh, new look. After we complete these repairs, be sure to ask about our waterproofing services, so you get those long-lasting results you deserve.

Problems With Flashing

Flashing is a protective set of metal sheets placed at the section where your chimney and roof meet. Roofs and chimneys are not made from the same materials, so it can be hard to completely seal the area where they meet up – meaning water can seep in quite easily, wreaking havoc on both your home and chimney.

Faulty flashing can be found during a chimney inspection and we can replace it or repair it to make sure your chimney is watertight.

Spalling Brick

When moisture gets into a chimney, it can settle within the brick causing it to expand and retract over time – otherwise known as the freeze/thaw process. After a while, the brick will start to chip and loosen. And as it worsens, bricks may even start to fall out. Mid-Valley offers masonry services to replace problematic bricks and restore your chimney to its former glory.

We Serve Various Counties Throughout Ohio

We service Montgomery County, Hamilton County, Highland County, Warren County, Miami County, and many more areas in our service network. If you live in or near Springboro, Troy, Pisgah, Maud, Loveland Park, Mary Ellen, West Chester, Oxford, or Milford, we’re the team to rely on for all your chimney and venting needs.

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